About Me

A native of Canada, I have repatriated after many years of living abroad.  Being on the move has been exciting, educational and challenging but I'm happy to be back and ready to start a new career. Born and raised in Saskatchewan, I completed university in Saskatoon obtaining my Bachelor of Psychology.  After getting married, my husband and I moved to the Northwest Territories followed by a move to Mongolia, Beijing, China then finally settling in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia before moving home in 2017.


Living overseas gave me the opportunity to try many different professional roles. My past work experience has been with special needs children, as an international school college counsellor and while overseas I also became certified as an athletic trainer.  Volunteering was a large part of my life providing me opportunities such as developing lunch programs for underprivileged students, consulting with special education teachers as well as serving on the executive board for the Canadian Association. My experiences abroad developed my ability to listen and taught me patience, compassion, focus, discipline, and organizational skills.  I developed a passion for celebrating diversity which also deepened my interpersonal skills. I believe my skills, overseas experience and the passion that I bring offer you a unique perspective and understanding while we work together to achieve your dream.


From personal experience, with every relocation we made, there was always one important decision that would help determine our happiness in each new place. Finding that perfect house in the right location and making the house our beloved home!

Whether you’re moving to a new country,  a new neighbourhood or a new city I know how important the right house is.  My goal is to ensure your happiness and complete satisfaction with your new home.